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Chrome Rail - for ‘L’ and ‘U’ fixing

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Create ‘L’ and ‘U’ shaped or  standard straight rails with this very versatile,  self assembly  25mm diameter chrome system.

           Product                Colour     Code Number
710mm Long 25mm diameter Chrome S2238511
865mm Long 25mm diameter Chrome S2238512
1170mm Long 25mm diameter Chrome S2238513
1830mm Long 25mm diameter Chrome S2238514
2440mm Long 25mm diameter Chrome S2238515
                      Product                      Colour     Code Number
 Concealed Fixing Flanges  Chrome S2238501
 Spring Curtain Hooks x 12  Chrome S2238531
Angle Bend Chrome S2238502
                   Product                       Colour     Code Number
915mm Adj. Ceiling Support Stay Chrome S2238521
455mm Adj. Ceiling Support Stay Chrome S2238522