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Height Adjustable Worktop Electrical Frame

The Indivo electric wall mounted frames are available in any length up to 3000mm.  It is advisable, but not essential, that a 100mm high worktop plinth is fitted beneath to accommodate the electric switch and safety stop. Total loading capacity including worktop is 100kg. Height adjustment ranges from 620mm to 900mm. All electric models come with safety stop as standard. Electric ‘L’ shaped frames are also available.

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Being able to adjust the height of worktops and wall cupboards is a great help for most people. The design of height adjustable worktops for a variety of uses is particularly useful for the following:

1/ An individual’s home where self reliant users have to be able to work with or without helpers.

2/ Communal and training kitchens in which several people with different capabilities have to work together comfortably at the same time.

3/ Kitchens in child care institutions where both children and adults need to manage together.


The switch controlling your frame can easily be fitted anywhere along the plinth positioned
beneath the worktop.
An optional hand held control may be purchased as a
supplement to the plinth switch.

Electric height adjustable kitchen worktops are all fitted with a safety bar as standard to prevent any injuries due to crushing.

Lift for worktop Manual Electric Fascia
600mm wide P1840000 P1840050 P194900_
700mm wide P1840002 P1840051 P194901_
800mm wide P1840004 P1840052 P194902_
900mm wide P1840006 P1840053 P194903_
1000mm wide P1840008 P1840054 P194904_
1100mm wide P1840010 P1840055 P194905_
1200mm wide P1840012 P1840056 P194906_
1300mm wide P1840014 P1840057 P194907_
1400mm wide P1840016 P1840058 P194908_
1500mm wide P1840018 P1840059 P194909_
1600mm wide P1840020 P1840060 P194910_
1700mm wide P1840022 P1840061 P194911_
1800mm wide P1840024 P1840062 P194912_
1900mm wide P1840026 P1840063 P194913_
2000mm wide P1840028 P1840064 P194914_
2100mm wide P1840030 P1840065 P194915_
2200mm wide P1840032 P1840066 P194916_
2300mm wide P1840034 P1840067 P194917_
2400mm wide P1840036 P1840068 P194918_
2500mm wide P1840038 P1840069 P194919_
2600mm wide P1840040 P1840070 P194920_
2700mm wide P1840042 P1840071 P194921_
2800mm wide P1840044 P1840072 P194922_
2900mm wide P1840046 P1840073 P194923_
3000mm wide P1840048 P1840074 P194924_