Nicholls and Clarke Phlexicare

About Us


Building Strength Across International Waters

Founded in 1875 as manufacturers and suppliers of building products, N&C Phlexicare has a longstanding pedigree with over 45 years of experience as the major inventor and innovator in the healthcare industry across many countries. We are proud to introduce the latest edition of the Phlexicare catalogue.

Inclusive design sits at the very core of our company philosophy. We believe that our products offer the end user and specifier unrivalled choice and a practical, attractive solution that is inclusive in every sense. Our British and European factories design and manufacture to the highest of standards using only the finest materials.

Recycled materials are used in much of our manufacturing which is combined with the latest energy efficient manufacturing processes. We are constantly engaged in research and development and continue to liaise with disability organisations to ensure that the products and systems in this catalogue deliver an attractive, barrier free, accessible environment for use by us all.


Internationally acclaimed, many of our products also comply with the exacting demands of the International Residential Code, International Plumbing Code, Uniform Plumbing Code and the National Plumbing Code of Canada.