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Not all disabilities are visible

Raising awareness for Invisible Disabilities

N&C Phlexicare are helping to raise awareness for Invisible Disabilities. Many people suffer from invisible illnesses, and are often made to feel embarrassed or frowned upon when using facilities such as disabled toilets or when requiring a seat on public transport, due to their condition not being immediately apparent.


N&C Phlexicare have created a blue heart shaped “Not all disabilities are visible” badge that can be ordered online free of charge to help raise awareness of invisible disabilities. The badge can help open the door to conversations about invisible disabilities and one day we aim for greater awareness and education of invisible disabilities to overcome prejudice that many currently face.


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Who we are…

N&C Phlexicare are pioneering, British manufacturers and distributors of independent living solutions. We are specialists in our field providing inclusive showering, daily living, access, wall & floor and kitchen solutions within the healthcare construction market.


We invented and manufactured the N&C Phlexicare RADAR lock and key system which is part of the Disability Rights UK National Key Scheme.


We are also the first organisation to provide LRV values for our wall and floor range (available on request) to assist in commercial spaces with people with visual impairments.

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