Nicholls and Clarke Phlexicare
The official manufacturers of the RADAR Lock and Key System

What is the RADAR Lock and Key Scheme?

RADAR is a national key scheme which N&C Phlexicare have put in place to ensure that disabled facilities, such as toilets are accessible for all users. Installing a RADAR lock into a public building allows for only those with an official RADAR Key to access the toilet, preventing any misuse. The National Key Scheme (NKS) is supported by Disability Rights UK as they also believe disabled toilets need and should be accessible at all times for those necessary. N&C Phlexicare are the official manufacturers and distributors of the RADAR Lock and Key Scheme and have also partnered with other suppliers which now sell the official N&C Phlexicare RADAR products. If you would like to find out more about the scheme, please contact us today on 0208 586 4600.

Who we are…

N&C Phlexicare are pioneering, British manufacturers and distributors of showering, daily living, access, wall & floor and kitchen solutions within the healthcare construction market. We design, manufacture and distribute a full range of inclusive solutions with users, carers and installers in mind.

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