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Hewi L-Shape Shower Riser Rail

The HEWI system enables continuous design from the door through into the sanitary room. High-quality HEWI rails with shower head holder are available in different designs and materials to match all the sanitary systems. Satin finish stainless steel, high-gloss chrome surfaces or colourful polyamide are available to choose from.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Vertical and horizontal bars joined to form an L-shape, with shower head holder
  • With continuous, corrosion resistant steel core
  • wall connection with filigree supports, perpendicular to wall, ø 18 mm and flat roses ø 80 mm, 13 mm high
  • ø 33 mm, 90 mm deep
  • Shower head holder adjustable to required angle and height
  • Conical adaptor on shower head holder facilitates accommodation of hand spray
  • Easy installation due to individually mounted fixing plates made of high-quality stainless steel for hanging the L-shaped support rail
  • Can be mounted in left hand or right hand position
  • Rails and shower head holder made of high-quality polyamide in selected HEWI colours
  • Grip zone of shower head holder marked in contrast
  • Rose caps highly polished chrome
  • Including non-corrosive HEWI fixing material
Product Code Number
1100 x 600mm with Holder P6836981
900 x 400mm with Holder P6836982