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Ikon Wetroom Safety Vinyl Flooring

N&C Ikon Wetroom Safety Vinyl Sheet is a high performance, slip resistant, safety flooring for wet and dry areas for both barefoot and shod users. This enhanced slip resistant, safety vinyl floor covering has a raised emboss design for applications where there are continuous wet areas, achieving a slip resistance
PTV of 36+.

N&C Ikon Wetroom Safety Vinyl Sheet is an ideal selection for education, healthcare, leisure, housing and similar markets due to its anti-slip design structure.  The specific spacing of the textured dimples ensures less dirt build on the floor, making the cleaning regime an easy task, sustaining the beautiful appearance of the floor while maintaining the effectiveness of the anti-slip properties.



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The inviting range of colours have been designed to compliment the N&C IKon Plain Colour Tile Range. The combination of 7 colours for the floor and over 40 colours for the ceramic tile range offers limitless design opportunities for the client, designer or architect.