Nicholls and Clarke Phlexicare

Lowline Steel Bath

Our standard bath tubs hold 150 litres of water. With water saving having become a priority in recent years, N&C have manufactured an eco-friendly product range to help with reducing water usage/consumption. The EcoTub helps reduce the impact on the environment, whilst also providing the shallow easy access option of a traditional bath tub.

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Features and Benefits:

  •     Interior finish has two coats of high quality vitreous enamel
  •     Exterior finish has one cost of rust proof vitreous enamel
  •     Anti splash bath rim
  •     Reduced height for ease of entry and exit
  •     Surefoot patterned shower base
  •     Adjustable metal cradle


Water capacity:

1500 Bath 105 litres at 180mm depth.
1700 Bath 120 litres at 180mm depth.
Product Code Number
1500 x 700 Twin Grip, anti slip P6800241
1700 x 700 Twin Grip, anti slip P6800251