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Ropox Shower Seat Wall Mounted - with Leg

This ergonomically designed stylish seat is the ultimate in comfort. Its Polyurethane cover is both comfortable and supportive. This material is durable and insulated, so that the seat does not feel cold or hard. The main seat profile has an aluminum stainless steel frame for strength and rigidity. The seat has softly rounded corners and soft edges to facilitate cleaning. The design lends itself to secure and pleasant showering. The standard max. load with leg is 200 kg.

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Technical Details:

A = 469mm
B = 552mm
C = 469mm
D = 500mm
E = 440 - 540
F = 200kg (31st)




A = Overall width    B = Overall depth     E = Height adjustment
C = Seat width        D = Seat depth         F = Maximum weight

           Product                Colour     Code Number
Ropox Wall Mounted with leg Blue P6828804