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RADAR Padlock, Hasp and Staple

In addition to the traditional RADAR mortice lockset, the RADAR padlock provides an extension to the national key scheme (NKS) and have been adopted by the National Trust, the railways and similar organisations.

Used in conjunction with the RADAR hasp and staple also colour coated red, it confirms to the user that the padlock can be accessed with a RADAR key from afar. The fixing screws of the hasp and staple are concealed when in the ‘closed’ position to provide additional security.

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The padlock is of “ traditional old English” design colour coated red to indicate that it can be accessed from both sides of the padlock with a RADAR key.


Features and Benefits:

  • Galvanised steel body, colour coated finish, weather resistant
  • Lever mechanism
  • All brass internal parts

Product Code Number
Radar 2 Lever Padlock Red H0149003
Radar Hasp & Staple Red H0149004