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Invisible Disabilities Awareness

Invisible Disabilities Awareness


Invisible disabilities is an area we are passionate about and want to help raise awareness of. Just because a disability is not apparent does not mean that it doesn't exist. It is often noticed, that people pass judgement and comments when someone with an invisible illness uses disabled facilities, asks for a seat on public transport or parks in a disabled parking bay. This can be due to the fact that their condition may not have any physical effects, therefore an outside cannot physically see that they are suffering or know what they are going through.


In order to help raise awareness for invisible disabilities, N&C Phlexicare are giving away FREE blue heart shaped badges which remind people that 'not all disabilities are visible'. We hope that with these being circulated we can help to raise awareness and help open up a conversation to help people understand, whilst ensuring that those who have in invisible disability feel more confident and less embarrassed to use facilities which are available for them.


N&C Phlexicare are the inventors and manufactures of the RADAR lock and key system that enables nearly 10,000 disabled users to have quick access to clean, vandal free facilities that have been kept locked for their intention. We decided to create an awareness campaign called the ‘blue heart campaign’ where we are offering people with invisible disabilities a free of charge blue heart lapel, which is discreet and can be worn to help raise awareness that 'not all disabilities are visible'. This can be can be ordered free of charge here.


To help the general population to understand that not all disabilities are visible, we have created awareness posters (that can also be accessible online) that can be downloaded free of charge or for those who do not have printers, can be ordered and posted out.


Alongside this, we also have a range of products such as our RADAR Lock and Key Scheme and disabled toilet signs which incorporate the blue heart design too. Find out more here.