Nicholls and Clarke Phlexicare

Invisible Disabilities Awareness

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are N&C Phlexicare in the disability industry?


N&C Phlexicare have been supplying the disability market with independent living solutions for over 40 years, supplying direct to the end user, to care homes, residential, commercial and more. With our very own manufacturing and distribution facilities we have been and are able to provide the market with innovative independent living solutions which are practical and incorporate attractive inclusive designs. We have invented many of the products used on a daily basis today including comfort height toilets, low entry shower trays and half height shower doors.


Does N&C Phlexicare support/work alongside any Charities?


N&C Phlexicare works alongside Disability Rights UK (DRUK) to promote the idea of presentable disabled toilets and facilities being available as of when needed for those necessary, through the official RADAR Lock and Key Scheme in which N&C Phlexicare are the official manufacturers and distributors of. We also help to raise funds for our chosen charity, Children Today, who help young people with disabilities to live a better quality of life by providing them with specialised equipment they need. Each year, N&C Phlexicare work alongside the Nicholls & Clarke Group of Companies to hold an annual St George’s Day event, where all money raised is donated to Children Today.


Why are you giving away Invisible Disabilities badges?


N&C Phlexicare already supply the independent living solutions market with a range of beneficial products and saw a gap in the market to also create awareness and products for those who have an invisible illness when we first come across Grace’s Sign (a 9-year-old girl, who had created a toilet sign which promoted invisible disabilities). The lack of awareness for invisible disabilities and conditions was highlighted to us through the media, where incidents throughout the UK and over the world had occurred where people with an invisible condition had been dismissed for not appearing to have a disability. So we chose to design and create an invisible disabilities range of products including All Inclusive Toilet Signage and a FREE Invisible Disabilities Blue Heart Badge. Before, launching the badge the team at N&C Phlexicare carried out thorough research to understand people with invisible disabilities stories and the harsh comments and judgments these people face in everyday life. This is one of the many reasons which encouraged us to want to help raise awareness for invisible disabilities and make them #InvisibleNoMore.


Why is the invisible disabilities badge you have created in a blue heart shape?


The blue heart shape is a very important symbol to us at N&C Phlexicare. This was firstly introduced as a user friendly design for our official N&C Phlexicare RADAR Comfort Key, for a more ergonomic design, where users with little strength in their fingers were still able to use the key as effectively as anyone else. This symbol was then carried out throughout all of our designs in relation to this, and introduced into our Invisible Disabilities designs through our toilet signage and badges, reminding people to have a heart and not to judge others.