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Nova Shower Tray

Nova low profile trays consist of 45mm high trays manufactured from cast resin stone for the ultimate in durability. Ideal for use with approved power shower systems, accepting a flow rate of 25 litres per minute. The product is manufactured from ABS capped acrylic stone resin and double skinned for extra strength and durability. The optional tile upstand feature helps to create a watertight enclosure, be it a new or existing installation.

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Our collection of Nova, low profile, shower trays is one of our most attractive, sophisticated looking ranges with a minimalist appeal that immitates a sought after wet room, but with the reassurance of a visible shower tray. The architecture of the clean lines and low profile makes Nova the ideal choice for users that require accessibility and an inclusive, minimalist design.


Features and Benefits:

  • Durable brilliant white finish
  • Option of tiling upstand
  • Gel coated for hard wearing and ease of cleaning
  • Suitable for level and low access
  • Waste position right/left or rear corner
  • Anti-microbial content to stop bacteria growth
  • Resin stone construction for added strength
  • Pumped wate option available
  • Riser kit available for unbreachable floor installation


Size Code Number
760 X 760mm S2220116
800 X 800mm S2220117
900 X 900mm S2220118
1000 X 800mm S2220119
1200 X 760mm S2220120
1200 X 800mm S2220121