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Quick Fit Shower Tray

A fast, easy to install solution incorporating an attractive, high quality and fully functional design for easy access showering. The low level profile and brilliant white finish allows for an inclusive, sophisticated looking product in the bathroom, moving away from a clinical aesthetic. Through quality manufacturing, Quick Fit is a robust, highly durable solution with a slip resistant surface and an anti-microbial finish for greater user confidence and hygiene. Quick Fit is designed to be easily connected to any waste pump system, including Phlexiflow and Hydro-Flow, using 15m or 22m pipework. This enables speedy installation of a low level shower tray to an unbreachable floor.

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Our Quick Fit Shower Tray is a high quality, fully encapsulated product that incorporates an innovative, unique drainage system. The sensor operation, with built-in suction pump and specially designed drainage channels, assist in the effective disposal of water. The Quick Fit Shower Tray is the ideal solution where the floor cannot be breached, or where it is difficult to fit a standard waste system into the floor. The low level shower tray makes it the perfect solution for users requiring accessibility.


Features and Benefits:

  • Unique drainage channels for effective water disposal
  • Designed for unbreachable floor installation
  • Durable brilliant white slip resistant base
  • Unique drainage channels
  • Metal strengthening bars for rigidity
  • Gel coated for a hard wearing surface and easy cleaning
  • Fully encapsulated board structure for increased  stability and comfortable handling
  • Suitable for low level access
  • Silver ion anti-microbial treated to stop bacteria growth
  • Fully reversible to gain the most appropriate waste location
  • Designed for easy and speedy connection to a pumped waste system


Size Waste Position Shower Door Configurations  
1000 X 700mm Reversible  A  R  RF  S  T  U P6820511
1400 X 70mm Reversible B  E  F  G  H  J  K  M  N  O  P  Q  R  RF  S  T  U  W P6820512
1500 X 710mm Reversible B  H  M  N  O  P  Q  R  RF  S  T U  W  Y P6820513
1000 X 800mm Reversible A  R  RF  S  T  U P6820514
1200 X 800mm Reversible A  B  E  F  G  H  N  O  P  Q  R  RF  S  T  U  V  W P6820515
1400 X 800mm Reversible B  E  F  G  H  K  M  N  O  P  Q  R  RF  S  T  U  W P6820516
1500 X 880mm Reversible B  H  M  R  RF  T  U  X  Y P6820517
1800 X 800mm Top Left H  M  R  RF  S  T  Y P6820518
1800 X 800mm Top Right H  M  R  RF  S  T  X  Y P6820519


Quick Fit Shower Tray Ramps      
Type             Size                 Hand      Code Number 
Corner 1500 X 40mm Left P6820503
Corner 1500 X 40mm Right P6820504
Corner 1200 X 40mm Left P6820505
Corner 1200 X 40mm Right P6820506
Corner 900 X 40mm Left P6820507
Straight 800 X 40mm   P6820500
Straight 900 X 40mm   P6820501
Straight 1800 X 40mm   P6820502